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CURING or MITIGATING diseases using SIRIDHANYA MILLETS along with natural and commonly available spices, condiments, herbs and plant parts has proven that, when such knowledge is handed over in a simple form to common people, anyone can boldly utilize them to mitigate their ailments and set their systems right. Within a span of of 10- 16 weeks, most of the patients are able to lead a normal life. Thanks to the system of zero chemicals.​

Be it a vulnerability to common cough and cold or a debilitating killer diseases like cancer, these protocols have helped thousands of people who otherwise would have been forced to remain as ‘Life-Long’ patients.

It is common knowledge that when people follow the present modern medicine system, the patients are never assured a cure but are made to use unsafe chemical compounds throughout their life in the form of tablets, injections, ointments, inhalers, radiations and chemotherapy. Most of the treatments produce harmful side effects and more diseases.

Now, thanks to Dr Khadar, commoners and even uneducated rural patients can find ways to mitigate most of the modern diseases and lead a normal life with the help of ready-made protocols involving Siridhanya Millets. The blind dependence on ‘commercial medicine’ followers is reduced.​

Here are a few examples of ‘DISEASE-PROTOCOLS’ that are widely followed and used by lakhs of people around India and many parts of the world. In Indian states like Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra pradesh, this precious and free knowledge has penetrated deep into every town, village and families in the remotest corners as people suffering from diseases like Osteo-arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid dysfunctions, High cholesterol, Autism, PCOS, Auto immune diseases, Asthma and various forms of Cancer – are finding relief and cures.

There are 5 components of Disease protocols:

  • 1

    Consumption of 2-3 spoons of cleanest, ORGANIC, Wood/cold pressed oils (first thing in the morning, with a gap of 40 minutes before ingesting decoctions & another 40 minute gap before breakfast).

  • 2

    Water based Decoctions made from Spices/ Condiments/ Leaves/ Parts of herbs to be taken in morning, afternoon and evening (Diseases like Cancer have specific decoctions in pre-lunch/afternoon times)

  • 3

    Use all 5 SIRIDHANYA MILLETS as staple food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) as per specific recommendations.

  • 4

    Use of Natural nutritional supplements like Til/Sesame seed laddus, Pure Palm jaggery, Plant based milks, use of Beets, carrots, Gooseberries/Amla etc

  • 5

    Following a list of Dos and Do nots to stall the disease progression and get best results.


  • KEEP AWAY : White Rice, Wheat, Maida/flour products, Egg, Meat, White sugar, Milk (Home made Curd/yoghurt are acceptable) , processed food, Factory made foods, Instant Breakfast cereals, Packed foods, Artificial sweeteners and artificial sweetened products, Bakery foods Chocolates, sugared candies and other cereals with very low dietary fibre content. Do not use refined oils and refined flours for cooking.

  • Keep away coffee, tea, Alcohol and other stimulants. Do not use NON STICK FRYING PANS or Aluminum vessels and DON'T use Plastic Vessels for storing water or food.

  • USE PLENTY of Organic vegetables and Leafy green vegetables and moderate quantity of fruits. Remember to pre-soak vegetables, fruits and green leaves in Tamarind water for 10 minutes and wash throughly before use.

  • Usage of ORGANIC PURE PALM JAGGERY Instead of WHITE SUGAR is required.

  • Special Tropical fruits like Gauva, Soursop/Graviola, Citrus fruits etc., are supposed to have useful ingredients to fight cancer. Use them.

  • Consumption of SESAME seeds is highly recommended for cancer patients, females with gynaecological problems and all children and adults in general.

  • Cancer patents should eat 3 - 5 tablespoons of slightly roasted SESAME seeds as 'LADDU' along with PURE ORGANIC PALM JAGGERY (nuvvu undalu) - twice a week.

  • 15 minute Meditation, exposure to EARLY MORNING SUN, Mental peace, Yoga if possible and are highly recommend. 75 minutes of walk(even slowly) is a must if you can.

  • Use copper vessels (Cleaned every day) for storing drinking water. OR use 'Copper sheet' for cleansing water(Even water from most expensive water filter needs this treatment)


Make the leaves/ roots/ plant parts into chopped, small parts (6 leaves if the leaves are big and fist full of leaves if leaves are small).

The chopped parts and leaves are to be added to 1.5 -2 cups of water. Boil on medium heat for about 4 minutes, allowing it to be infused into the water. Filter the contents. Consume it when luke-warm.

Ideally, the kashayas should be consumed without any added jaggery. But one may add few drops of liquid PURE PALM JAGGERY for taste. Do not add sugar.

The best time to consume the KASHAYA is early MORNING, ON EMPTY STOMACH. Also one hour before lunch and dinner.

Cancer patients have specific decoctions in the afternoon.(a total of 3 times a day)

Consuming ORGANIC Wood/Cold Pressed oils

or all patients and healthy adults, It is recommended to consume 2-3 teaspoons of organic wood/cold pressed clean oils first thing in the morning. This helps in cleansing various glands in the body. Oils like Groundnut oil, Sesame oil, Niger oil, Safflower oil: are used ONE WEEK EACH IN ROTATION. After 40 minutes gap, decoctions may be ingested.

A total of 4-5 month duration is enough for this recommendation.


The SIRIDHANYA MILLETS are to be soaked for at least 5-6 hours prior to cooking. They can be made into rice, porridge, upma, Biryani, Roti, Dosa, Idli, pongal, Bisibelle bath, Pulav and various other dishes. The recipes can be referred in the previous pages of this website to know its preparations.

Dr Khadar always suggests for great results, using recommended Siridhanya as ‘Ganji’ or ‘mashed broth’ for first 10 weeks if you are seriously fighting any disease. (Importantly do not throw away any solid/liquid part of it)
Pre-soak Siridhanya for 5 to 7 hours using 1: 7 water (cook in same soaked water) and cook more than usual, mash it thoroughly, Keep a lid on it for 12 hours and consume after 12 hours with all vegetables and curries, Dal & little pickle, buttermilk etc- as you wish.

For new consumers, a point to remember : Siridhanya like Kodo millet and Browntop millet let out some color in to the soaked water. Do not be apprehensive thinking that it is artificially ‘added’ color. No, it is natural. Kodo Millet gives out Brick Red color and Browntop millet gives our green tinge to the water. So, wish you all the health from Unpolished Siridhanya.


Foxtail millet – 2 days
Kodo millet – 2 days
Barnyard millet – 2 days
Little millet – 2 days
Browntop millet – 2 days (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

BEL tree leaf/Maaredu/Bilva Patra
Holy Basil/Tulasi
Cactus/Prickly Pear/NagaJemudu
SARPAGANDHA/Rawolfia serpentina

coconut oil
groundnut oil
safflower oil
sesame oil
(Each for 1 week, over a period for 4-5 months for proper relief and cure)

VEGETABLE JUICES to clean up blood
1. Bottle guard
2. Ash Gourd
3. Cucumber/Keera
(150 ml- 2 times a day)

WALKING for 60-75 minutes per day



Foxtail millet -2 days
Barnyard millet- 2 days
Kodo millet- 2 days
Little millet- 2 days
Browntop millet – 2 days (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

BEL tree leaf/Maaredu/Bilva Patra
Holy Basil/Tulasi
Cactus/Prickly Pear/NagaJemudu
SARPAGANDHA/Rawolfia serpentina

BEL leaves/ Bilwa patram
Pongamia/kaanuga (kaanuga, common tree on highways)
Tamarind leaf sprouts (Chinta chiguru)
MORINGA/ Drumstick leaves (Munaga)
Sour hibiscus/Gongura
Neem (vepa)
Tinospora cordifolia (tippa teeega) (pic here)
Mint (Pudeena)

Tinospora or Tippa teega

Eating Bitter gourd/Melon regularly
Drinking Okra water(Bhendi) in morning,
Using a lot of Moringa/drumstick/Munaga and Radish in food preperations or as vegetable juices

WALKING for 60-75 minutes per day


Foxtail -3 days
Browntop -3 days
Little -1 day
Barnyard Millet -1 day
Kodo MIllet- 1 day

Sesame oil
Groundnut oil